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Step 1: Maintain processing profile for resin in the machine. (minimum temperature 135°C)

Step 2:  Empty the screw and barrel of residual resin.

Step 3: Place PurgeMax® directly into hopper and follow with purging material immediately. *

Step 4:  Maintain continuous purging until the resin appears natural and clean.

Step 5: The Purging process is complete, resume with standard procedures for the next job.


With applications that require more than one PurgeMax® (refer PurgeMax® Usage Chart) , place one P PurgeMax® into the hopper and follow with a small amount of purging resin (layering) and repeat until the entire dosage has been added then charge the barrel with purging resin.


Note: A small amount of smoke may appear during purging. Although not very common, it is a normal condition.


Dosage Chart